Customer must find the best logistics partner of transportation companies. PT Arah Karya Cargo Logistics is being the leading service provider in direct to USA, Australia, & Transportation management for wide range of industries. We have developed very quickly into one of the most reliable supply chain management provider in the sea region. With our presence in over location in countries, including all the major cities all of the world, we are ready and able to meet your every need.

PT Arah Karya Cargo Logistics was personated by charming freight specialist with enormous experience gained in Sea & Freight sector. The employee of PT Arah Karya Cargo Logistics from enthusiastic, multi-lingual and highly professional team, dedicated to client service. The efficiency with which its members operate so closely with their partner’s world-wide has lead to the company’s success. Our experience does not jump stop short at transportation, or warehousing and cargo transshipment. It also extends into the field of LCL Direct Consolidation Service from Indonesian Port to : all USA Cities, Australia, Canada and South Africa.

Envisage the need to provide not only a more total service to our corporate clients but service must be carried with the mark of a professional organization in the form of Hyper Market Transportation.It is a never-ending process of searching for ways to invest, to innovate and to improve. The exact demands of a vibrant National economy that is plugged into the International trade system ask for nothing less than that.
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